My name is Marloes van Antwerpen and I live in a town in the shouth of the Netherlands.
I chose the name Marloeshi Photography, because I wanted something different than ‘(insert last name) Photography’. 

My interest in photography started in 2010, when I bought my first DSLR. Around 2013 it started to get more serious, I begun to look up techniques online and experimented more. Now it’s something I do daily! I enjoy every moment I take pictures. 
I like to capture things the way I see them and the way I like them. To me the best thing about photography is that I can create my own world and share my world with others.

I enjoy photographing different subjects. Flowers, animals and small objects are some of the most common things I photograph. I photograph my guinea pig Mieps a lot, she’s such a sweety! She has her own instagram page. I have started photographing people since May 2015, what I like the most about photographing people is that I can actually create the images that pop up in my head. 

I’m eager to learn and I like learning new techniques I am interested in new developments and techniques. I read a lot about photography on the internet and look at work from other photographers, so I can learn from them.

On this website you can find a selection of my favourite photographs.

You can find my social media accounts at the bottom of the page.

If you have any questions, you can reach me via the contact form on this website. You can send me an email directly at: info@marloeshi.com or ask me through one of my social channels.

Thanks for visiting my website!


Rainy selfie

Rainy selfie



”Which of my photographs is my favourite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.”

 Imogen Cunningham